alla prima portrait

Alla prima (or wet on wet) is a classical technique which means I paint the portrait in one session.

Although I also love the long pose, alla prima imbues an energy and painterliness in the portrait that cannot be found in tighter, more refined techniques.

With the strength of my training at Studio Incamminati, School for Contemporary Realist Art, I am able to achieve proportion and likeness rapidly. As a sculptor, I understand anatomy in the round, which is why my portraits look so realistic.

Panels provide a stable, rigid support that will stand the test of time. 20”x16” are ideal dimensions for a slightly smaller-than-life portrait, and this size is inexpensive to ship.

Order your heirloom-quality alla prima portrait today!
Instructions: You are my collaborator. When you submit a portrait commission, I request a handful of ¾ profile photos, shot from slightly different angles. You can take these on your phone, standing 10 feet away from our model to minimize distortion.

Lighting: one light source positioned up and off to the side. Avoid backlit.

Pose: head turned and tilted and no teeth makes for a striking pose!

Step 2: I create a slightly-smaller-than-life alla prima portrait in oil on 20”x16” cotton panel

What's included: time-lapse of painting process, the cost of supplies, handmade wood frame, shipping within the Continental US


Ask about an in-person session for a memorable experience and stunning results (Northeast US)

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